Windows Active Directory training in Chandigarh

Windows Active Directory Course Objective

  • Validate your expertise of windows server 2012/2016
  • Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012/2016 Services
  • Administering Windows Server 2012/2016
  • Managing Active Directory Domain Services Objects
  • Build Multi Forest Infrastructure
  • Create Multisite and Multi-Domain environments
  • Maintaining Active Directory Domain Services

Windows Active Directory Training in Chandigarh

We are one of the best providers of Windows Active Directory Training in Chandigarh. This official Microsoft course gives active guidance and works on regulating Active Directory advances in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. You will gain proficiency with the abilities you want to more readily oversee and safeguard information access and data, improve on sending and the board of your personality framework, and give safer admittance to information. This middle-of-the-road Microsoft Active Directory preparation plans students to safeguard every one of the information on their organization and oversee who approaches it through full utilization of Active Directory administrations

Microsoft Active Directory is adequately straightforward: distinguish who a client is and figure out what information they can get. However, the main way it remains that basic is on an organization of one PC, with one client getting to one record. When you add clients, PCs, organizer designs, and security processes, the way that Active Directory associates with and oversees them gets dramatically more complicated. This Microsoft Active Directory preparation clarifies AD and its employments. All the more significantly, it gives valuable open doors to frameworks directors to work on arranging and overseeing it. For any individual who drives an IT group, this Microsoft preparation can be utilized to locally available new frameworks executives, organized into individual or group preparing plans, or as a Microsoft reference asset.

Windows Active Directory

Why learn Windows Active Directory in 2022

  • Comprehend accessible answers for the personality of the executives and have the option to address situations with suitable arrangements..
  • Send and manage AD DS in Windows Server 2012.
  • Secure AD DS sending.
  • Carry out AD DS locales, design and oversee replication
  • Carry out and oversee Group Policy
  • Oversee client settings with Group Policy
  • Carry out accreditation authority (CA) ordered progression with AD CS and how to oversee CAs.
  • Carry out, convey and oversee endorsements.
  • Carry out and oversee AD RMS.
  • Carry out and manage AD FS.
  • Secure and arrangement information access utilizing advances like Dynamic Access Control, Work Folders, and Workplace Join
  • Screen, investigate, and layout business progression for AD DS administrations.
  • Carry out Windows Azure Active Directory.
  • Carry out and regulate Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS).

Frequently Ask Questions :

This is a halfway-level instructional class that requires some information on and experience with Active Directory Domain Services. See the Important Course Information segment for full necessities.
Indeed, this course gives guidance and work on controlling Active Directory advances in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2.
Indeed! We realize your bustling plan for getting work done may keep you from getting to one of our study halls which is the reason we offer helpful web-based preparation to address your issues any place you need. This course is accessible in class, on the web, and in private group preparation.
This Microsoft Active Directory preparing is viewed as partner-level Microsoft preparing, and that implies it was intended for frameworks executives with at minimum an extended time of involvement in AD best practices and experienced frameworks overseers hoping to approve their Microsoft abilities.
New or hopeful frameworks heads. On the off chance that you're fresh out of the plastic new frameworks manager, it's anything but an issue of if however when you'll figure out how to dominate Microsoft Active Directory. Promotion is a key piece of any frameworks manager's liabilities. With this Microsoft Active Directory preparation, you'll not just become familiar with the fundamentals of overseeing clients and information access, yet you'll get firsthand work on executing various controls and endorsements.
Experienced frameworks overseers. If you've been functioning as a frameworks executive for a considerable length of time as of now, you're very likely acquainted with the fundamentals of Microsoft Active Directory. You've most likely educated a couple of stunts around sending a regulator or designing an AD site. Yet, you owe it to your future profession to get an intensive establishment in innovation. With this preparation, you'll work on designing and sending Microsoft AD to your organizations and frameworks.

Benefits of learning Windows Active Directory

There are few benefits of learning Windows Active Directory :

Centralizes Resource and Security Administration

This is the principal advantage of Active Directory. Dynamic Directory gives a solitary point from which overseers can oversee and get network assets and their related security objects. An association can regulate Active Directory in light of a hierarchical model, a plan of action, or the sorts of capacities being controlled.

Gives a Single Point of Access to Resources

Dynamic Directory gives a solitary place of the board for network assets. Dynamic Directory utilizes a solitary sign-on to permit admittance to arrange assets situated on any server inside the area.

Improves on Resource Location

Dynamic Directory improves on asset area by permitting documents and print assets to be distributed on the organization. Distributing an item permits clients to safely get to organize assets via scanning the Active Directory data set for the ideal asset.

Prerequisite to learn Windows Active Directory

There are a few prerequisites to learn Windows Active Directory :

  • ● Windows 2008 or 2012 information and experience
  • ● An exhaustive comprehension of DHCP, WINS, and Internet Protocol (IP) subnetting and directing
  • ● Experience supporting organizations and end clients

Job Responsibility in Windows Active Directory

Job responsibilities for Active Directory include:

  • ● Investigate DNS Service and DNS goal issues
  • ● Aid the executives and backing of inward and outside DNS frameworks
  • ● Go about as an individual from the Windows Active Directory Domain Administrator Support Team in offering convenient and productive help to doled out activities
  • ● Investigate Active Directory verification and LDAP design issues
  • ● Arrange and uphold DNS for a new area
  • ● Work with other ranking staff individuals to determine heightened, complex occurrences
  • ● Persistently look for valuable chances to work on our current AD and Exchange engineering
  • ● Research intense specialized issues like conflicting email maintenance, bunch correspondence disappointments, and public organizer replication issues
  • ● Work cross-useful with different groups to drive drives
  • ● Creating exhaustive experiments to incorporate testing situations for both typical and debased (e.g., debacle recuperation, progression of activities, information recuperation/spills, ) tasks, pass/bomb models, execution standards, scope quantification, estimation rules, results in examination strategies, and results/status announcing measures
  • ● Freely process client demands for Active Directory-based application access
  • ● Making and keeping up with documentation of all frameworks and application arrangements and alterations
  • ● Should have demonstrated experience working with an enormous venture appropriated processing climate

Windows Active Directory near me

If you are searching for Windows Active Directory near your home then, your search stops here at our Institute. We are one of the leading and most recommended Windows active directory institutes in Chandigarh. Our highly experienced faculty and innovative infrastructure help you to become skilled in this course.

Windows Server & Active Directory Administration Training Program Details

1. Installing and configuring Win2016 server

  • Discussing Lab
  • All servers installed in the Google cloud platform
  • Deploying and Managing Windows Server 2016
  • Discuss editions of Windows Server 2016 and Family

  • Discussing Lab
  • All servers installed in the Google cloud platform
  • How to register in GCP
  • Start deploying the win2016 server

2. Installing and configuring domain controllers

  • Overview of AD DS
  • Overview of AD DS domain controllers
  • Deploying a domain controller

Lab : Deploying and administering AD DS
  • Deploying AD DS
  • Deploying domain controllers by performing domain controller cloning
  • Administering AD DS

3. Managing objects in AD DS

  • Managing user accounts
  • Managing groups in AD DS
  • Managing computer objects in AD DS
  • Using Windows PowerShell for AD DS administration
  • Implementing and managing OUs

Lab: Managing AD DS objects
  • Creating and managing groups in AD DS
  • Creating and configuring user accounts in AD DS
  • Managing computer objects in AD DS

Administering AD DS
  • Delegate administration for OUs
  • Creating and modifying AD DS objects with Windows PowerShell

4. Configuring client connectivity to Microsoft Office 365

  • Overview of advanced AD DS deployments
  • Deploying a distributed AD DS environment
  • Configuring AD DS trusts

Lab: Domain and trust management in AD DS
  • Implementing forest trusts
  • Implementing child domains in AD DS

5. Implementing and administering AD DS sites and replication

  • Overview of AD DS replication
  • Configuring AD DS sites
  • Configuring and monitoring AD DS replication

Lab: Implementing AD DS sites and replication
  • Modifying the default site
  • Creating additional sites and subnets
  • Configuring AD DS replication
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting AD DS replication

6. Implementing Group Policy

  • Introducing Group Policy
  • Implementing and administering GPOs
  • Group Policy scope and Group Policy processing
  • Troubleshooting the application of GPOs

Lab: Implementing a Group Policy infrastructure
  • Creating and configuring GPOs
  • Managing GPO scope

Lab: Troubleshooting Group Policy infrastructure
  • Verify GPO application
  • Troubleshooting GPOs

7. Managing user settings with Group Policy

  • Implementing administrative templates
  • Configuring Folder Redirection, software installation, and scripts
  • Configuring Group Policy preferences

Lab: Managing user settings with GPOs
  • Using administrative templates to manage user settings
  • Implement settings by using Group Policy preferences
  • Configuring Folder Redirection
  • Planning Group Policy (optional)

8. Planning and Implementing an IPv4 network

  • Planning IPv4 addressing
  • Configuring an IPv4 host
  • Managing and troubleshooting IPv4 network connectivity

Lab : Planning an IPv4 network
  • Planning the IPv4 address assignments

Lab : Implementing and troubleshooting an IPv4 network
  • Verifying IPv4
  • Troubleshooting IPv4

9. Implementing DHCP

  • Overview of the DHCP server role
  • Deploying DHCP
  • Managing and troubleshooting DHCP

Lab: Implementing DHCP
  • Planning a DHCP server implementation
  • Implementing the DHCP configuration
  • Validating the DHCP implementation

10. Implementing DNS

  • Implementing DNS servers
  • Configuring zones in DNS
  • Configuring name resolution between DNS zones
  • Configuring DNS integration with Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)
  • Configuring advanced DNS settings

Lab: Planning and implementing name resolution by using DNS
  • Planning DNS name resolution
  • Implementing DNS servers and zones

11. Installing and configuring Hyper-V and virtual machines

  • Overview of Hyper-V
  • Installing Hyper-V
  • Configuring storage on Hyper-V host servers
  • Configuring networking on Hyper-V host servers
  • Configuring Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Managing virtual machines

Lab: Installing and configuring Hyper-V
  • Verify installation of the Hyper-V server role
  • Configuring Hyper-V networks
  • Creating and configuring virtual machines
  • Enable nested virtualization for a virtual machine

12. Configuring local storage

  • Managing disks in Windows Server
  • Managing volumes in Windows Server

Lab: Configuring local storage
  • Creating and managing volumes
  • Resizing volumes
  • Managing virtual hard disks

13. Implementing WSUS

  • WSUS overview and deployment options
  • Update management process with WSUS
  • Overview of Windows PowerShell DSC
  • Overview of Windows Server 2016 monitoring tools
  • Using Performance Monitor
  • Monitoring event logs

Lab: Implementing WSUS and deploying updates
  • Implementing WSUS
  • Configuring update settings
  • Approving and deploying an update by using WSUS

Lab: Monitoring and troubleshooting Windows Server 2016
  • Establishing a performance baseline
  • Identifying the source of a performance problem
  • Viewing and configuring centralized event logs

14. Installing, upgrading, and migrating servers and workloads

  • Introducing Windows Server 2016
  • Preparing for upgrades and migrations from 2008 to 2012 and 2012 to 2016
  • Edition of Operating Systems
  • Migrating server roles and workloads
  • Windows Server activation models

Lab: Installing and configuring Windows Server 2016
  • Installing Windows Server 2016
  • Upgrades and migrations from 2008 to 2012 and 2012 to 2016

15. Troubleshooting, Monitoring, managing, and recovering AD DS

  • Monitoring AD DS
  • Managing the Active Directory database
  • Active Directory backup and recovery options for AD DS and other identity and access solutions

Lab: Recovering objects in AD DS
  • Backing up and restoring AD DS
  • Recovering objects in AD DS

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