Features and Updates in Windows Server 2019

Features and Updates in Windows Server 2019

Microsoft is undeniably has taken the IT Industry by storm and never ceases to surprise us with the latest developments. Be it’s operating systems or servers, the tech giant keeps dominating the market, and one such edition is Windows Server 2019. Microsoft's Windows Server 2019 is the ninth version of the Windows Server operating system, which is part of the Windows NT family. After Windows Server 2016, it is the second edition of the server operating system based on the Windows 10 platform. The first Windows Insider preview version was announced on March 20, 2018, and it was released worldwide on October 2, 2018.


Knowing Windows Server in Detail

As per Microsoft’s official website, Windows Server 2019 has four main areas of investment and below is a glimpse of each area.

Hybrid: Users find it easier to connect their existing on-premises infrastructures to Azure with Windows Server 2019 and Windows Admin Center. Customers running Windows Server 2019 will find it easier to access Azure services like Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery with Windows Admin Center, and more services will be introduced over time.

Security: Users’ security continues to be a primary focus, and Mircosoft seemed dedicated to assisting them in improving their security posture. Windows Server 2016 began this path, and Windows Server 2019 expands on it, as well as other security features shared with Windows 10, such as Defender ATP for server and Defender Exploit Guard.

Application Platform: Containers are gaining traction as developers and Microsoft’s operations teams see the advantages of using this new architecture. The company stated that it has been working with the Semi-Annual Channel releases in addition to the work they accomplished in Windows Server 2016, and it all comes together with Windows Server 2019. Linux containers on Windows, work on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and smaller container images are all examples of this.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI): If you're considering upgrading your physical or host server infrastructure, HCI is a good option. This new deployment paradigm enables you to combine computation, storage, and networking onto a single node, lowering infrastructure costs while improving efficiency, agility, and dependability.

Main features of Windows Server 2019

New user interface

Both the basic version and the semi-annual channel versions of Windows Server 2016 lacked a graphical user interface. This came as a shock to many businesses that had begun to roll out the newer versions, which allowed Server Core and Nano setups without a graphical user interface. A desktop graphical user interface, as well as the Nano and Server Core versions, will be available to IT professionals.

Increased security

Windows Server 2019 offers a number of significant security advancements, making it the most secure Microsoft operating system to date. The Defender function is still available, and it has been upgraded by other supporting technologies that provide proactive protection against attacks.

Compact but efficient containers

The Windows Server Core model in the newest version of the Server has been much enhanced, and the picture size has been lowered. Microsoft has transformed a number of non-critical components inside the core edition into additional optional components in the most recent Insiders release. Aside from that, the optional components from the Windows Server Core container images have been eliminated as well. As a result of the smaller footprint, the overall usability and deployment time have improved. IT operations overhead has been decreased as a result of fewer bloated servers and more efficient servers, as well as thinner containers.

Linux integration

Because Microsoft is new to the container business and because many use-cases of containers are web apps that work well on Linux-based web servers, the majority of the world's containers are now running Linux. If you wanted to use containers with Server 2016, you had to make sure they were running Windows Server (either Server Core or Nano Server). You may now run your containers as Server 2019 Server Core or Nano Server in Server 2019. However, running Linux-based containers on top of a Windows Server 2019 container host server now has some additional choices. Because Microsoft is enthusiastic about updates, many of the capabilities included in Windows Server 2019 are already being deployed in actual business networks to improve overall operations.

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