Microsoft Azure Architect ( AZ-303 ) training in Bangalore

Microsoft Azure Architect ( AZ-303 )

Describe Why we need AWSDevops and importance of current requirements In-depth knowledge on Continuous Development, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Testing by performing hands-on on GIT, Jenkins, and Selenium Comprehensive knowledge on Configuration Management, and Continuous Deployment using Puppet, Ansible Working on Continuous Deployment stage by performing hands-on on popular tools like Docker and Kubernetes The exposure to the stage of continuous monitoring using Nagios The ability to automate all aspects of a modern code delivery and deployment pipeline using:

  • Source code management tools
  • Build & monitor tools
  • Test automation tools
  • Containerisation through Docker
  • Configuration management tools

Microsoft Azure Architect ( AZ-303 ) Training in Bangalore

The AWS certification preparation in Bangalore assists you with understanding essential to cutting edge ideas, for example, application and organization utilizing 70+ distributed computing administrations. This AWS confirmation preparation in Bangalore accentuates current, popular AWS rehearsals, hence, students will have an upper hand to procure top jobs in the business. The AWS certification preparation in Bangalore is great for fledglings or experts who might want to have first-class applications on AWS stages. The AWS affirmation course in Bangalore is ideally suited for Cloud Software Experts, Technicians, Programmers, Cloud Architects, Cloud Developers, and Development Operations specialists.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's generally thorough and comprehensively taken on cloud stage, presenting more than 200 completely included administrations from server farms universally. A great many clients including the quickest developing new businesses, biggest undertakings, and driving government organizations are utilizing AWS to bring down costs, become sprier, and enhance quicker. IT stars gain AWS confirmations to exhibit and approve specialized cloud information and abilities. AWS gives diverse confirmation tests to cloud designers, overseers, and modelers. AWS confirmation goes on for a long time, and IT geniuses can recertify their particular certificate after it lapses. There are many trying bases in the world in which to take the tests.

Types of AWS confirmations :

AWS offers six unique confirmations, assembled into four fundamental ways - - Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Developer, and Operations - - and extra subpaths. There is additionally a Specialty Path, separated into five subpaths.

Why learn AWS in 2022

To learn AWS, there could be no more excellent chance to do as such than at this moment (2022). There are a lot of chances for work or to go into business assuming you have AWS certification. Obviously, you don't need to get an accreditation. All things considered, accreditations will put you way in front of your opposition and quick track your objectives of acquiring a benefit invocation or business.

Expanded Enterprise Cloud Migration to AWS

SMBs to big business associations across industry verticals are quickly relocating to the cloud. As indicated by Cisco, the worldwide server farm IP traffic will arrive at 20.6 Zettabytes (ZB) (1.7 ZB each month) before the finish of 2021. Additionally, the overall public cloud administrations market development rate is relied upon to arrive at 17.5 percent.

AWS Is the Most Widely Used Platform in Cloud Adoption

As indicated by a review, AWS holds pretty much 33% of the foundation as a Service (IaaS) market which is probably just about as much as the following two suppliers (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform) consolidated. As of now, the complete IaaS piece of the pie is not exactly a large portion of the size of the product as a Service (SaaS) market, which shows that there is as yet the significant potential for development in the IaaS market.

AWS Skills Demand Is Outstripping Supply

In the US, it is hard for bosses to track down experts with Cloud Computing abilities. Besides, as indicated by Indeed, around 60% of Cloud Computing position postings require abilities connected with AWS.

Benefits of learning AWS

The requirement for AWS guaranteed experts builds consistently. The AWS market is expected to reach $236B by 2020 at a CAGR of 22% within excess of 380,000 distributed computing occupations accessible all over the planet.

Ability in Cloud Computing Is Inevitable for IT Professionals

The rise of the state of the art advancements like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are driving a push towards the cloud. Indeed, as per Forbes; A big part of IT experts accept that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning assume an enormous part in the reception of Cloud Computing Man-made brainpower and Machine Learning will be the main driver for more noteworthy Cloud Computing reception by 2022.

AWS Is the Fastest Growing Public Cloud Service

AWS was quick to advertise its public cloud administrations offer and has had a seven-year head-begin once again contenders like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. A year after AWS was sent off in 2006, there were at that point a hundred and 80,000 designers on the stage.

Complementary plan Access and Affordable Pricing

Fledglings, students, and disciples, including any individual who needs to acquire active involvement in AWS, can make a complementary plan AWS account. The complementary plan account level gives admittance to a few free administrations that won't ever lapse. There are different records accessible that are free for a year alongside a few premium administrations accessible for a free preliminary.

Frequently Ask Questions :

Indeed. The AWS certificate is legitimate for just three years. Notwithstanding, there is a cycle called recertification to keep up with the AWS ensured status.
To plan AWS affirmation preparing in test in your favored area:
  • Sign in to
  • Select the "Certificate" choice followed by "AWS Certification Account."."
  • Tap on the "Timetable and Manage Exams."
  • Enter the favored city's ZIP code and timetable the test in your favored city.
You ought to be definitely centered around getting ready for the test with next to no interruptions. You should rehearse however much as could be expected. Comprehend the contextual analyses and read the AWS white papers at our Institute made by the business experts. We structure its AWS certificate course in Bangalore so you can get ready for your certification test without becoming overpowered with data.

Job Responsibility in Microsoft Azure Architect ( AZ-303 )

This is what associations anticipate from an AWS engineer. Remember that few out of every odd business or association may require their AWS architects to deal with these errands and obligations. Assumptions can fluctuate contingent upon the size and nature of the organization:

  • ● Be liable for the preparation, execution, and development of the AWS cloud framework
  • ● Assemble, discharge, and deal with the arrangement of all creation frameworks
  • ● Deal with a persistent mix and organization procedure for server-based advances
  • ● Work close by design and designing groups to plan and carry out any adaptable programming administrations
  • ● Guarantee important framework security by involving top tier cloud security arrangements
  • ● Remain current with new innovation choices and merchant items, assessing which ones would be ideal for the organization
  • ● Carry out ceaseless incorporation/persistent conveyance (CI/CD) pipelines when important
  • ● Suggest interaction and design enhancements
  • ● Investigate the framework and tackle issues across all stage and application spaces
  • ● Manage pre-creation acknowledgment testing to guarantee the greatness of an organization's administrations and items.

Prerequisite to learn Microsoft Azure Architect ( AZ-303 )

There are no essentials for AWS preparation. In any case, related knowledge in working with AWS or another distributed computing stage is suggested. To join the AWS confirmation course in Bangalore, no essentials are required. It's useful to have a fundamental comprehension of distributed computing or AWS stages preceding selecting the AWS certificate course in Bangalore. In any case, assuming you're a whole fledgling, you'll gain proficiency with all fundamentals to cutting-edge ideas in the AWS affirmation preparation in Bangalore.

Microsoft Azure Architect ( AZ-303 ) Training Program Details

1. Implement cloud infrastructure monitoring

  • monitor security
  • monitor performance
  • monitor health and availability
  • monitor cost
  • configure advanced logging
  • initiate automated responses by using Action Groups
  • configure and manage advanced alerts

2. Implement storage accounts

  • select storage account options based on a use case
  • configure Azure Files and Azure Blob storage
  • configure network access to the storage account
  • implement Shared Access Signatures and access policies
  • implement Azure AD authentication for storage
  • manage access keys
  • implement Azure storage replicatio
  • implement Azure storage account failover

3. Implement VMs for Windows and Linux

  • configure high availability
  • configure storage for VMs
  • select virtual machine size
  • implement Azure Dedicated Hosts
  • deploy and configure Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • configure managed disk encryption

4. Automate deployment and configuration of resources

  • save a deployment as an Azure Resource Manager template
  • modify Azure Resource Manager template (JSON and Bicep)
  • evaluate location of new resources
  • configure a VHD image
  • deploy from an image
  • manage an image library
  • create and execute an Azure Automation runbook

5. Implement virtual networking

  • implement VNet to VNet connections
  • implement VNet peering

6. Implement Azure Active Directory

  • add custom domains
  • configure Azure AD Identity Protection
  • implement self-service password reset
  • implement Conditional Access including MFA
  • configure fraud alerts
  • configure verification methods
  • implement and manage guest accounts
  • manage multiple directories

7. Implement and manage hybrid identities

  • install and configure Azure AD Connect
  • identity synchronization options
  • configure and manage password sync and password writeback
  • configure single sign-on
  • configure Azure AD Connect cloud sync
  • use Azure AD Connect Health

8. Manage workloads in Azure

  • migrate workloads using Azure Migrate
  • implement Azure Backup for Azure workloads
  • implement disaster recovery
  • implement Azure Automation Update Management

9. Implement load balancing and network security

  • implement Azure Load Balancer
  • implement an Azure Application Gateway
  • implement Web Application Firewall
  • implement Azure Firewall
  • implement Azure Firewall Manager
  • implement Azure Front Door
  • implement Azure Traffic Manager
  • implement Network Security Groups and Application Security Groups
  • implement Bastion

10. Implement and manage Azure governance solutions

  • create and manage hierarchical structure that contains management groups, subscriptions and resource groups
  • assign RBAC roles
  • create a custom RBAC role
  • configure access to Azure resources by assigning roles
  • configure management access to Azure
  • interpret effective permissions
  • set up and perform an access review
  • implement and configure Azure Policy
  • implement and configure Azure Blueprints

11. Manage security for applications

  • implement and configure Key Vault
  • implement and configure managed Identities
  • register and manage applications in Azure AD

13. Implement an application infrastructure

  • create and configure Azure App Service
  • create an App Service Web App for Containers
  • create and configure an App Service plan
  • configure App Service
  • configure networking for App Service
  • create and manage deployment slots
  • implement Logic Apps
  • implement Azure Functions

14. Implement container-based applications

  • create a container image
  • configure Azure Kubernetes Service
  • push container images
  • deploy a solution on an Azure Container Instance

15. Implement NoSQL databases

  • configure Azure Storage tables
  • select appropriate Cosmos DB APIs
  • set up replicas in Cosmos DB

16. Implement Azure SQL databases

  • configure Azure SQL database settings
  • implement Azure SQL managed instances
  • configure HA for an Azure SQL database
  • deploy an Azure SQL database

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Neel Technologies has a group of highly experienced and qualified trainers . They are always dedicated towards improving the students, and make them learn more, with their experiences. The trainees here are always concerned about all round development of students, all the things taught by them is not only theoretical, but special measures are taken by them to make students get their implementations too.

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