CCNA training in Patna

CCNA- course objectives:

This course is designed to impart knowledge about detailed knowledge of Computer Networks, various protocols used in Communication, Managing, and configuring Cisco Switches and Routers, and various WAN technologies.

This CCNA course is for all levels of students so there are no prerequisites

This CCNA course will help you to improve yourself about networking basics, switching & routing technologies, IPv4 and IPv6. If you are a beginner at networking technologies, our CCNA certification program is great for you! You will get the certification easily with this CCNA course and begin your career in the networking industry.

Students who complete Introduction to Networks will be able to perform the following functions:

  • Explain network technologies and how devices access local and remote networks.
  • Describe router hardware.
  • Explain how switching operates in a small to the medium-sized business network.
  • Design an IPv4 and IPv6 addressing scheme to provide network connectivity for a small to the medium-sized business network.
  • Configure initial settings on a network device using Cisco command-line interface (CLI).
  • Implement basic network connectivity between devices.

CCNA Training in Patna

The CCNA Course in Patna at our instructional hub is a tweaked preparing program that advances the information on the students right from the essentials of Networking like Hubs, Switches, Routers, IP Addresses, Bridges, TCP/IP Model, Lan, WA, IP Routing, and IOS documents. Our guides likewise familiarize the students with cutting-edge subjects like the structure of an organization, setting up, arranging, investigating a blunder, computerization, and programmability continuously rehearsed. Before the finish of the CCNA Course in Bangalore at our Institute, you will be totally ready for taking the Cisco accreditation test. CCNA preparing in Patna is designated by architects and specialized faculty. Representatives working in sending, working, and streamlining IP networks in the organizations can do this course. Engineers working in cutting edge highlights like security and robotization, programmability are likewise qualified for the preparation. CCNA might be a lab-concentrated course, and we do goals through involved learning

Why learn CCNA in 2022

There are many reasons to learn CCNA in 2022 :


At the point when you become CCNA Certified, you acquire information in Cisco systems administration and you can get familiar with the principal ideas of systems administration. These aides in setting out many work open doors in systems administration vocations. The organization ideally recruits fresher alumni with a CCNA authentication more probable than a normal IT proficient without an endorsement.

Business benefits

Most businesses like to utilize affirmed experts since they can work productively in the serious Information Technology field. CCNA Certification is the genuine affirmation that expresses that you have what it takes and information that is expected for a Network Engineer.

Career development

CCNA Certification helps in expanding the possibilities of advancement in the event that you are an accomplished competitor. Additionally, the Networking Industry offers a wide chance to foster your vocation in the event that you are wishing to move your profession or on the other hand assuming you are a fledgling. Since the innovation is developing gigantically step by step, the public authority and different organizations are looking for a certified Network Engineer to deal with their Network Operations.

Benefits of learning CCNA

Following are the benefits of learning CCNA :

Enhanced Learning Curve

During the quest for getting yourself, CCNA affirmed, you can upgrade your insight and foster a sound strategy of understanding the center ideas of Cisco organizing. Regardless of the way that you have long periods of involvement with the field of systems administration, you most certainly need to upgrade your range of abilities to outshine the opposition. As the familiar axiom goes, nothing can substitute insight, however, certificates are likewise vital to keep a competitor refreshed with the most recent mechanical improvements occurring in the IT business.


When you get CCNA affirmed, you get that ideal privilege and an acknowledgment that you can remember for your resume while going after an empty position in the Cisco organizing space. This accreditation is substantial for a very long time, and that implies you get to make the most out of your CCNA certificate into the indefinite future.

Support in Career

The weight is allocated in view of the affirmations. As a potential systems administration is proficient, you could scale the stepping stool speedier than your partners by turning into a CCNA confirmed master.

Raise in Salary

Your evaluation may be expected soon. Along these lines, it's better that you add the CCNA accreditation to your rundown of accomplishments. You could hope to see right around a twofold ascent in your compensation.

Frequently Ask Questions :

The CCNA Certification has arisen over time. Whenever you date back there was just a solitary CCNA Certification. Be that as it may, in 2013, the field of confirmation extended comprehensively to take special care of the various prerequisites. Today, an ensured CCNA Professional is one of the profoundly requested applicants in the business. The normal compensation presented for a Cisco Certified proficient is Rs. 3,50,000 to Rs. 4,50,000 for every annum.
The CCNA Course in Patna at our Academy can be picked by any fresher alumni who try to head-start their profession in the Networking area. Notwithstanding, this course is great for experts like Network Engineers and Administrators.
Indeed, you will take the CCNA assessment web-based sitting at your home or office. You might want to follow a few explicit security precautionary measures and rules. For example, you need to be assuming control over the test in a room with a shut entryway. There ought not to be any interruption, and no one ought to be permitted to enter the space while students are giving the test.

Job Responsibility in CCNA

The basic obligation of a Cisco Certified Network Associate-Security is to care for the organization security of an association from different kinds of digital dangers. The undertakings incorporate information approval, drawing markup, process records, gadget counts, and receipt of materials advancement. Their chance of work improvement will contrast in view of customer's requirements and undertaking necessities. They might be mentioned to help security groups with research and suggest new security strategies that discuss explicit danger cautions. Measurable information break examination and malware figuring out are a portion of the high-level liabilities of senior security professionals.

These are the standard work liabilities of a Cisco network security partner:

  • ● Arrange, convey, and support secure switches for safe organization
  • ● Give the second degree of organization security support (specific organization support)
  • ● Perform network security checking and examination
  • ● Perform intermittent checks for network security refreshes
  • ● Suggest network redesigns and security enhancements

CCNA course in Bangalore

The CCNA course in Bangalore targets approving the information and specialized abilities of experts. It is the requirement for a consistently advancing IT scene. The straightforward CCNA preparation in Bangalore covers all the CCNA test subjects. It gives members an opportunity to sharpen pertinent abilities during a basically determined preparation climate. The assistance of affirmed and profoundly gifted coaches will assist students with acquiring this industry-perceived affirmation in the primary endeavor.

Alongside your CCNA affirmation, you'll expand your insight in Cisco Networking; this gives you inside and out information that you basically can use in your vocation. When you become CCNA confirmed, you'll comprehend the idea of the rudiments of systems administration. CCNA affirmation alone can clear the path for promising conditions in your calling.

CCNA Training near me

We are Best CCNA Training Institute in Patna with work arrangements among all. While attempting to observe the CCNA preparing establishment in Patna close to your home, then, at that point, your hunt reaches a conclusion at our Institute. We had presumably been watching many variables:

  • Nature of Instruction
  • Educating Depth
  • Showing Experience of Instructor
  • Industry Experience of Instructor

We owe it to our students to be prepared to give great schooling utilizing the most current teaching method and update prospectuses.

Prerequisite to learn CCNA

There are no conventional essentials that must be satisfied to take the CCNA Training in Patna at our Institute. In any case, having a strong comprehension of the Networking essentials will be of added advantage for you to comprehend the ideas calmly.

CCNA Training Program Details

1. OSI Layers

  • Application layer
  • Presentation layer
  • Session layer
  • Transport layer
  • Network layer
  • Data-link layer
  • Physical layer

2.IP Addressing

  • Deployment (Static, Dynamic, Default addressing)
  • Subnet mask
  • VLSM
  • Subnetting


  • Hardware parts of Router
  • Rear panel
  • Router booting

4. Basic configuration

  • Router access from ConsoleMode
  • Configuring interface
  • Configuring password
  • Router access from Telnet
  • Router access from SSH
  • Router access from HTTP
  • Router access from SDM
  • Banner configuration

5. Password Recovery

6.IOS Backup & Configuration Backup


  • Static Routing (Manual routing configuration)

8.Dynamic Routing

  • RIP Protocol
  • OSPF Protocol
  • EIGRP Protocol


  • ACL
  • Standard ACL (NAME & Number)
  • Extended ACL (NAMW & Number)
  • Time-Based ACL
  • Remark ACL
  • NAT
  • Static NAT
  • Dynamic NAT (NAT, PAT)
  • VPN
  • Site to Site VPN
  • Remote access VPN

10. WAN

  • Leased-line & Frame-relay
  • Leased-line
  • HDLC
  • PPP
  • Frame-Relay
  • P to P
  • Hub & Spoke

11. Switching

  • VLAN
  • Static VLAN
  • Dynamic VLAN
  • VTP
  • Server mode
  • Client mode
  • Transparent mode
  • STP


  • Point to point
  • Fram


14.Describe basic Quality of Service (QoS) concepts

15. Describe the current security threat landscape

16. Implement a basic security configuration of the device management plane

About Trainers

Neel Technologies has a group of highly experienced and qualified trainers . They are always dedicated towards improving the students, and make them learn more, with their experiences. The trainees here are always concerned about all round development of students, all the things taught by them is not only theoretical, but special measures are taken by them to make students get their implementations too.

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