Active Directory Consulting Services

Active Directory Consulting Services

The Active Directory or AD is a directory platform particularly addressed to Windows Server environments. It is a sort of distributed and hierarchical database aimed at sharing information relating to infrastructure. This tool makes it possible to locate, secure, manage, and organize terminals and network resources, including files, groups, users, network devices, and peripherals. AD is a directory service developed and released by Microsoft for Windows domains. That said, in addition to the built-in authentication and authorization functions, this tool also provides a framework for other activities of a similar nature. Indeed, this directory is a sort of LDAP database containing interconnected objects. Note that AD uses the Windows Server operating system. AD is usually referred to as the AD Domain Service, which provides authorization, authentication, and large-scale protocols. We might as well remind you that AD was integrated into Windows 2000 to offer directory services tailored to larger and more complex frameworks. Rely on Active Directory Expert for the installation, integration, migration, and security of Active Directory.

Focus on Active Directory Domain Services

From its abbreviation ADDS, the Active Directory Domain Services is a functionality available on Windows servers. It is designed to provide centralized management of resources, more specifically shared folders, and identities, including users and groups, and the devices and machines used are computers, servers, printers, and many others. ADDS is, therefore, a system that allows for centralized authentication. This means that you can use your account to access all of your company's physical and virtual resources. With this tool, a single account that belongs to the domain will suffice. However, to access the account, you must have your own SID, including a security ID. You can rely on Active Directory Services for managing your active directory domain services.

Focus on Active Directory Service Interfaces

Abbreviated as ADSI, Active Directory Service Interfaces is a kind of software library developed and released by Microsoft, allowing installed programs to read and manipulate the contents of an AD directory through a programming interface which is based on the COM model. Here there is the issue of the Microsoft software library, which is used by ADSI Edit, specifically Microsoft utility. The latter therefore aims to query and modify records in an AD directory.

To put it more simply, ADSI technology is a set of AD software that allows IT specialists to list elements of the directory or modify them. These elements can then be user accounts, printers, computers, or other objects contained in the AD. Note that ADSI is programmable using a C, C++, or C# language. The Active Directory Consulting Services in india can help simplify administrative tasks and improve network security. You can maximize these benefits by properly designing your folder structure.

Focus on Active Directory Certificate Services

Also known by its acronym ADCS, Active Directory Certificate Services is a tool with a Windows Server role linked to AD, which aims to design and manage digital certificates within the company's computer system. This generally includes six service roles: Certification Authority, Certificate Enrollment Policy Web Service, Certificate Enrollment Web Service, Certification Authority Web Enrollment, Network Device Enrollment Service, and Online Responder. Certificates are very important as they allow servers to rely on connected workstations. Also, these certificates allow customers to make purchases online while guaranteeing the security of the purchase process. In addition, it is these certificates that secure conversations by encrypting them.

To install ADCS, you must have a server with the Windows Server 2016 OS and a configured domain forest. Furthermore, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the Windows environment.


This tool is also known by its acronym ADFS. It is an SSO single sign-on and authorization web service. Due to its configuration, Active Directory Federation Services ADFS is intended primarily for businesses. Indeed, thanks to this system, companies, more precisely service providers, will be able to access their own network but also be authorized to connect to that of their clients. As a result, this tool first has as its main objective to facilitate access to the network.

Note that this tool has recently been modified to improve the customer experience of ADFS 2016. That said, if before, customers needed to download a GitHub adapter to access the services, now is no longer the case. The Active Directory Consulting Services in bangalore can help you migrate to new versions of Windows Server with methods and best practices used to understand your business and technical requirements.

As the business grows in scale and complexity due to resources, dependencies, security requirements, and Internet connectivity, so does the need for directory services. Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory (AD) provides a resource and management system designed to help businesses dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership by managing users, groups, and network resources in one place and supporting our customers. It is better to rely on MCSA Consulting Expert to work with you and your staff to design a scalable agenda strategy that includes detailed design documentation, a comprehensive verification strategy, and a sound implementation plan.

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