Heena Khan

Heena Khan

Meet Heena Khan A Rather Successful Developer after Being A Successful Technical Writer

Sometimes, the thing we are best at doesn’t come into the picture until we start developing an interest in it, and the same happened with our yet another bright student Heena Khan. A B.Tech in CS student never had any interest in coding and software development, and rather chooses to be a technical writer under the science communication domain. Later, after two years she got placed in Google as a product writer and there starts her journey towards the coding domain.

However, it wasn’t easy and this 25-year old woman thought that changing her career at this age would be a blunder. It all started when the first lockdown was imposed and Heena had a lot of extra time on her hands that she thought of investing in the right place. There struck an idea of learning coding and she called Neel Technologies.

Our dedicated councilors heard her continuously and suggested enrolling for the python classes, to check if it’s a true calling or just a quarter-life rage. Looking at the low fee structure and greater opportunity, Heena enrolled and she did brilliantly in all the classes.

Later, during an internal; vacancy she applied for an executive-level and got through the interview. Now, Heena desires to continue her education and aspires to become a full-stack developer. Extremely proud of you Heena, for giving yourself a chance to explore the career you wanted to grow in.
-Neel Technologies